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Local Rules - As of 16/3/2020

STAKES (colour of top) or Lines:

Black: Out of Bounds (OOB) Yellow: Yellow Penalty Area Red: Red Penalty Area White: Ground Under Repair (GUR)


As well as areas designated by black top stakes, a ball that crosses Bennett Road from any direction and finishes on the course is still to be considered OUT of Bounds.


May be marked by either a sprayed line or stake. If marked by a sprayed line then the line designates the boundary of the penalty area. The stake defines the type of Penalty.


All Barriers: Including hoops, ropes, string, posts and safety nets, Powerlink posts, solar posts and Safety light on 16th hole, protective screens, shelters, cart directional signs, large rock on 18th fairway, tee signs, advertising signs, rubbish and sand bins (Rule 16.1a) Pathways: Constructed pathways or Bare approaches to these pathways (Relief without Penalty - 16.1a)

Bare approach to an artificially constructed path.

Clearly identifiable raised (shallow indentations not included) wheel tracks made by machinery (not motorised carts).

Bare Patches: If your ball lies on a bare patch on the closely mown fairway then relief may be taken. (Rule 16.1b).

Sprinkler Heads (Immovable Obstructions) Close to Putting Greens and Ball in General Area: The player may take relief under Rule 16.1.b if an immovable obstruction is on the line of play and is:

  • Within 2 club lengths of the putting green and
  • Within 2 club lengths of the ball

Bark chip areas except those that have a Garden sign in them are an integral part of the course and the ball must be played as it lies. Bark chip areas with a Garden sign are to be treated as GUR.


  • All GUR is non-compulsory unless it has an associated drop zone.
  • All new work.
  • General Areas affected by washouts.


If a ball lies in water, a washout, a mud area or exposed matting then treat as Abnormal Course Condition (Rule 16.1.c).

The nearest point of complete relief and the relief area must be in the bunker.

Penalty relief by playing from Outside Bunker (back on the line of relief) for 1 penalty stroke (Rule 16.1.c).

If a ball is unplayable in a bunker (Rule 19.3).

Bunkers with a white stake should be treated as GUR in General Area.

Steps in Bunkers - Treat as Immovable Obstruction.

When a ball lies in or on the steps or when the steps interfere with the players stance or the area of their intended swing -

The player must lift the ball and drop it either:

A - without penalty, the nearest point of relief except that the nearest point of relief must be in the bunker and the ball must be dropped in the bunker.

B - When your ball is in a bunker, you may take unplayable relief using Rule 19.3 4th Hole - Red Penalty Area - Tee Shot Only If a ball enters the Penalty Area between the Blue poles situated at the back of the Teeing area and the end of the large dam.
Option A - Replay tee shot - 1 Penalty Stroke
Option B - Play the ball as it lies - No Penalty
Option C - Use Drop Zone on LHS of large dam - Penalty 1 Stroke

2nd Hole Tee Shot Only

If there is doubt whether a ball struck from the 2nd tee is in or lost in the Penalty Area on the 3rd, the player may play another ball provisionally under Rule 18.3.

If the original ball is not found or identified after a 3 minute search period the player must continue with the ball played provisionally. 1 Stroke and loss of distance Penalty.

If the original ball is found in the General Area the player must continue play with it and abandon the ball played provisionally.

If the original ball is found in the Penalty Area, the player may either play the original ball as it lies or continue with the provisional ball with a 1 Stroke and loss of distance penalty. In this situation the player CANNOT CHOOSE the other options available under Rule 17.1.d.