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super drawMembers draws will now be conducted at the new time of 6pm both Friday and Saturday nights.

When the Jackpot has reached the maximum $2,000 a SUPER DRAW will occur…

The SUPER DRAW will work as follows –

  • At 6pm a draw will be made for $2,000, if the winner doesn’t present themselves within the allocated 3 minutes, another draw will be made.
  • At 6.30 there will be two consecutive draws each for $1,000. Note if the first draw for $1,000 is claimed, the second draw will not occur.
  • If there are no winners in the second round of draws, there shall be a third round of draws at 7pm. Each consecutive draw will be worth $500. Note that once a winner has been found, there will be no further draws that night.
  • When a winner has been found the jackpotted amount of $2,000 will be reset to $2,000 less the amount won. Another SUPER DRAW will occur when either the Friday or Saturday jackpot has reached $2,000. SUPER DRAWS will continue to be run until a winner has been found.

Full terms and conditions are available from the bar or office.

Good Luck!!