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Gareth Small

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Russell Skennerton

What's in the bag?

What's in the bag?

TaylorMade 9.5 degree Superfast X flex matrix graphite shaft.

Titleist 906F 15deg S flex Harrison graphite shaft.

Titleist 585 19 deg Sflex Aldilla NVS graphite shaft

Ping S57 blades S ZZ Lite steel shafts 3- P/W

Titleist Vokey 52deg 56deg.

Scotty Cameron

Titleist Pro V1



Titleist 915 D3, 9.5 Degree with an Aldila Rogue shaft

3 Wood
Titleist 915 F, 16.5 Degree with a Diamana Silver shaft

Hybrid/2 & 3 iron
Titleist 915 Hd, 18 Degree with a Diamana Silver shaft, Titleist 712U 2&3 irons, I swap the hybrid and the 2 iron based on the course conditions.

Titleist 716 AP2 Irons 4 – PW with Dynamic Gold X100 shafts.

Titleist 52,08 F grind and a 58,04 L grind.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2

Titleist Pro V1x

Footjoy StaSof

Footjoy DryJoys Casual

After moving to Ashgrove I dropped the 60 degree wedge and added a much needed gap wedge due to the high number of 90 -100 yard shots



Started playing golf at 3yrs old in Singapore, taught by my father. I started competing in junior tournaments in Lae PNG at 10yrs old. Won the PNG Junior National Titles in 1981 in a playoff.

Started my apprenticeship at CoolangattaTweedHeads GC in June 1981. Won the Gatton Jubilee Junior Pro/AM and the PGA Trainee 4/somes Championships. Became a full memeber of the PGA in 1984.

From 1985 thru 1989 played practicaly full time on the Aus Pro/Am and main tours with some success. Had wins in Gayndah, Mackay, Whittlesea Victoria, Keysborogh Victoria, and finished top 10 Victorian PGA, Fiji Open.

Got back into the Club environment in 1989 as the teaching Professional at Studley Park Golf Club in Sydney before securing my first contract as Resident Professional at Proserpine Golf Club in the Whitsundays in 1990. I stayed there for close to 3 years and then moved to Kilmore Golf Club in Victoria as Resident Professional for 2 ½ years. From there I was offerd the Professionals contract at Rosanna Golf Club, a private golf club about 12k from the Melbourne CBD where I stayed fo 4 ½ years.

I wanted a position close to my wife Simone's family and my own, and was offered the opportunity to move back to QLD by Ashgrove Golf Club at the end of 1998.  I've had a fantastic association with the club and its members for the last 12 years.

Being a late bloomer I only started playing golf when I was 19 yrs old. My dad taught me how to play and I decided I wanted to do it all the time.

As an amateur In 2013 I won the Thursday Club Championship at Ashgrove Golf Club and was also a senior member of the Club’s pennant team which competed in the BDGA 3rd division.

To further my interest and career in the golf industry I applied to the Australian PGA to become a trainee member in 2014 working with Gareth Small at the Ashgrove Golf Club. My best finish as a trainee has been tied 2nd in the Ashgrove Golf Club Trainee Pro-am.

I strive to complete my traineeship to become a full member of the PGA where I can continue teaching and promoting the game of golf.

Small Words of Wisdom

Once a player has mastered the grip and stance, all he has to bear in mind, in the brief two-second interval it takes to swing, is to keep his left elbow pointed in toward the left hip and his right arm loose and closer to the body than the left and take the club head past his right knee and then break the wrists at just the right instant while the left arm is still traveling straight back from the ball and the right arm stays glued to the body and the hips come around in a perfect circle and meanwhile everything is mucked up unless the weight is 60 percent on the left foot and 40 percent on the right - not an ounce more or less - and at just the right point in the turn the left knee bends in toward the right in a dragging motion until the left heel comes off the ground but not too far and be sure the hands are over the right foot but not on the toe more than the heel except that the left side of the right foot is tilted off the ground - but not too far - and be sure the hands at the top of the swing are high and the shaft points along a line parallel with the ground and if its a downhill lie the shaft is supposed to be pointed downhill too and pause at the top of the swing and count one, jerk the left arm straight down like a bell ringer yanking a belfry rope and don't uncock the wrists too soon and pull the left hip around in a circle but don't let the shoulders turn with the hips - they have to be facing the hole and now transfer the weight 60 percent to the left foot and 40 percent to the right - not an ounce more or less - and tilt the left foot now so the right side of it is straight (that's the one you hit against) watch out for the left hand, it's supposed to be extended, but not too stiff or the shot won't go anywhere and don't let it get loose or you will hook, then let the wrists uncock but don't force them or you'll smother the shot and don't break too soon but keep your head down then hit the ball!

Unless you move your head, then you're screwed!!!!

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